Items that You Need to Bring During Orienteering

In any local or international sports event, you should always come prepared physically and mentally. You must also be well-equipped keep yourself protected during the competition. Make sure that your gear is made from high-quality materials and meet international orienteering standards

Your bag for your orienteering competition should be filled with:


When you race, you should think of two things- comfort and flexibility. Your suit must allow you to move freely and comfortably without any restrictions. It should give you the ability to navigate fast, make quick turns, and possibly do lateral movements swiftly.

If you see a suit that does not absorb much water and sweat, is lightweight, and give you total flexibility in your movement, make sure that you purchase this item and use it for the competition. But these types of racing suits can be quite expensive. The best way to save on these products is to shop online using discounts codes and promo codes such as the cupon descuento en aliexpress. They are relatively easy to find. Just browse on online shops like Lazada and Zalora and buy items that are on sale.


Terrains of orienteering events usually involve mud, dust, gravel, grass, trees, forests, and sand. Because of the high probability of encountering varying elements throughout the whole race, it is best to bring a type of shoes that are good for any kind of season. These are all-terrain shoes.

Shoes should boost your movement and not cause accidents or injuries. Some products have soles that can be slippery on some grounds. Ask the specifications and characteristics of your preferred shoes and see if the pair can protect your feet and help you win the race.


To navigate throughout the race, you must know how to use a compass and the Amsterdam tour map. This device is partnered with a map so that you will know the point to go next until you reach the finish line.

You have a lot of options with regard to the type of compass that you can use. The most basic compass is the baseplate type. This is the compass that is filled with liquid and often comes with luminous lines, a magnifying lens, and various scales.