What Makes Italy So Special?


There are a lot of other great countries in the world that are viewed with more than a hint of reverence. France, the UK, Japan, all historic and attractive destinations. Italy is on that list too, but as special as all the countries are, they are special in their own ways. So now the question is, what makes Italy so special and why does it draw in the kind of crowd that it does?

Iconic Locations

While so many other countries do have their fair share of well-known spots that tourists absolutely go nuts over, few can rival the fame enjoyed by Italy’s most iconic locations. Even just starting with Coliseum in Rome, the canals and gondolas of Venice, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a lot of people would have trouble coming up with examples that are more numerous than those found in Italy.

We haven’t even gotten to the famous domes, statues, fountains, and The Vatican. It’s something that most people don’t exactly think about all that often, but once you do, it become a difficult thought to shake off.

Solid Historical Significance

Every nation has its history, but not every nation’s history affects the world as much as that of Italy. From the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, Italy has been moving civilizations one way or the other. This makes the country historically significant in a way that few others are and that’s one of the biggest reasons why people have always viewed Italy with such reverence.

Of course, not everything about its history has been great. A lot of it was brutal, cruel, and filled with bloodshed. However, throughout its centuries of existence, Italy was also a beacon of light, progress, and justice.

Mind-blowing Art

When talking about Italy, it’s impossible not to talk about its art. The country is so full of world-famous paintings, sculptures, architecture, and music that the rest have trouble keeping up. There might be other nations with older, more prolific, and more expensive pieces, but few can match the iconic nature of a Stature of David, a Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, a Last Supper, and so many others.

World-Famous Food

Italian food is everywhere. It can even be found in places where Italian food has no business being in via commercial dried pasta and canned tomato sauce. What’s more, practically every person in the world knows Italian cuisine even if they have never really tried authentic dishes made in Italy. That proliferation breeds familiarity and that, in turn, fosters a feeling of fondness among most people.

Laid Back Culture

Then there’s the more laid back culture that’s just so Italian, it’s practically funny. The Spanish might like their siestas, but the Italians like their easy going attitudes, their confidence, and their absolute surety of themselves. Of course, one can say that the arrogance of the French or the cold self-importance of the British are classic characteristics that trump all of that, but to each his own.

The point is that Italians have this way about them that make them so easy to be around. The same goes with everything else in their culture, from their work to their ways of having fun.

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